What happens if I am stuck in the initialization process

There are many ways to fix this problem. (1) Clear your browser cache and restart your browser to access mp3juice again. (2) Clear your browser cache and restart your browser to access strong>mp3juice. (3) If none of these solutions work, please send us an email with the details (Video URL and audio format) and we will do the job.

What is the problem with finding the download button?

The primary reason you are unable to find the download button is your ad-blocking software. You can turn it off to resolve the problem.

What is the reason I am getting an error message?

One of two possible reasons could be the following: The video URL is invalid (or the video may have been removed) or the video is longer than one hour. This is common when you want to convert playlists or movies.

What can I do if my download is stopped accidentally?

The only way out is to restart the download process.

Can I change the audio quality when converting files using MP3 download

You can adjust the settings to suit your needs, but you can't make a file that is better than the original file. Lower file quality will be achieved when you convert to a lossy format such as MP3. It's not a problem if you use mp3juices or MP3 Converter for daily/casual uses.

Why is my MP3 not sounding when I download it?

You might have a problem with the source file or may be copyright infringing. You can try converting another video with the same music to see if it continues. It's best to keep it as it is if it's still protected by copyright.

What can I do to give feedback?

We welcome your feedback, suggestions, constructive criticisms and other information (email us).

Are you a supporter of other online video-sharing platforms?

Our mp3juice and MP3 Converter currently only support . However, we are looking to expand our reach on other video-sharing sites soon.

Is mp3 juice completely safe?

Yes. We can assure you that our mp3juice and MP3 converter are free from viruses and malware We don't retain any records about your files.